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Working with a financial planner is a life-changing experience.  Share our clients’ stories below to find out how we’ve helped people like you:

  • Get the big decisions right
  • Make sense of it all
  • Protect what you’ve worked hard to achieve

It’s our job to lift the sometimes-heavy burden of wealth from your shoulders, so you'll have:

  • A clear plan of action
  • Peace of mind – knowing it’s all sorted
  • Time, to do what you love with the people you love

From the first meeting, I felt they were 'on my side'

Carolyn and Simon

A successful business career can bring rich rewards but usually results in a lack of that most valuable commodity – Time!

I was referred to FPC by my solicitor at a particularly demanding time in my life.  I was moving from a senior position within a large company to becoming Chief Executive of another.  I felt I needed someone to make sense of and manage the financial package – to plan for the long-term future, because I was too busy.

From the first meeting they were ‘on my side’.  And they looked at everything!  Wills, pensions, estate planning, investment and tax planning…  I suspect I inundated them with paperwork but they were great at simplifying it all and taking the pressure away.

Cut to today.  Ten years on and despite a recession and countless changes in legislation, FPC’s careful planning and sound investment advice has helped me get where I want to be.  Having waved two sons off to university and beyond, I’ve kissed goodbye to the daily commute.  Knowing my financial planning is in safe hands, I’m now doing all those things I couldn’t do – when I didn’t have Time!

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An integral part of our success for over 20 years

Howard and Chas

We met whilst students at college.  Keen motor enthusiasts, we decided cars were more fun than studying.  So we went into business together supplying exhausts.

FPC has been an integral part of our success for over 20 years.

Back then our turnover was £3 million and we had 50 staff.  When we sold the company our turnover had increased to £50 million and our staff to over 500!

Moira and her colleagues have been by our side throughout our journey.  They've helped us deal with all the challenges along the way.  Their understanding of us as a company and as individuals has meant our financial planning has always focused on the needs of both.

We’ve always  said ‘yes’ when others couldn’t as we wanted to delight our customers.  FPC has the same approach – they go the extra mile.

Thanks to them we’ve achieved the financial independence we aspired to.  And we’ve secured the long term future of the business we care about.

FPC support our families too, and they're involved in all our plans for the future.

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We feel like part of the family

Martin and Gillian

I attended an FPC seminar in 2010 as a guest of my solicitor.  I had sold a business and was interested in investment advice, but it was clear they offered so much more.

Reviewing our position, FPC looked at everything.  They showed us how our pensions and investments could form part of a wider plan.  And they built a detailed model of our estate, to help us make decisions with a real sense of what it would mean for our future.

It’s like riding a bike – we can all do it, but if you don’t know where you’re going you can waste a lot of energy trying to figure it out!

For us it’s reassuring to know we can call on FPC at any time.  Always responsive and genuinely interested, if they don’t know the answer they’ll find someone who does.

Now we feel like part of the family.  It’s been a pleasure to meet other clients at seminars and social events.  Folk like us who've worked hard to provide for their families, and care about planning their futures.

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We always thought the hard part was making money...

John and Sue

July 2007, business sold. September 2008, Lehman's failed and the world ended! Not quite, but it felt like that. We always thought the hard part was making money - we quickly learned the big challenge was hanging on to it!

FPC were not on our radar at that time. We were managing our investments and pensions with assistance from our bank's Wealth Department. However we became concerned as to who's wealth they were managing - ours or theirs?

A trusted accountant friend recommended FPC and following several meetings with Mark we agreed to hand over a 'chunk' of our cash by way of a test. FPC passed with flying colours; our pot has grown and they now handle all of our investments, manage our 'cash flow' and basically control our lives... only kidding!

Several bumps in the road have been successfully negotiated so far, and it's fair to say we have sufficient confidence in the team (Mark, Moira, Nick et al) to feel reasonably relaxed about whatever the consequences of the latest political upheaval are. 

Friendly, well-researched, balanced, mature, holistic: that's the sort of advice you seek from your 'advisors' and with FPC that's what you get.

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