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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Mango Tree

Rebuilding Lives and Communities

Bernice Blundell represented FPC at a reception to celebrate ten years of the charity's work in Kenya. The Mango Tree was set up by long-standing clients William (Willie) and Gail Fulton in 2003 in Tanzania to support children who had been orphaned as a result of their parents dying of HIV/AIDS.

The Mango Tree initially provided primary school uniforms, exercise books, pens and pencils.  The success of this work allowed the charity to set up a second programme in Kenya headed by the remarkable Consolata Kunyada and her husband Peter.

Bernice writes:

We have supported this charity for many years and I thought I knew all about their work - but how wrong I was.

I did not realise that HIV/AIDS was still such a major killer in the region.

The stories shared by Consolata, Peter and one of their alumni George Oyaya helped me better understand why charities like this are essential in their role as educators as well as providing support, assistance and motivation.  They do not just give money but stimulate community social responsibility and sustainability.

Consolata gave an open invitation to anyone to visit them and experience first hand the positive results they are achieving.  Definitely an invitation to consider seriously!

Find out more about the charity's work here:

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