I don’t class myself as a sophisticated investor but I do understand the concept of risk and reward. Underpinning all of FPC’s advice is the concept of ‘get rich but do it slowly’. That strategy, together with their hand holding approach to customer service really sets them apart from the typical IFA. In short, they’re just nice people who give sound advice and Sue and I have both found them a pleasure to work with.

I’m probably one of the more prolific users of their client portal. Despite the turbulent financial climate over the last three years, it’s interesting and above all, reassuring to see how my investments are performing and Bernice and the team are very patient with my frequent questions and observations!

Gareth and Sue met Mark, one of FPC’s partners, and his family whilst holidaying in Brittany and immediately struck up a friendship as, purely coincidentally, Sue was a local girl from Formby.  Gareth was in the Air Force at the time and having a keen interest in business and encouraged by Mark, started studying for an MBA shortly after this meeting.  Leaving the Air Force in 1999 he joined an international management consultancy and led their European Aerospace practice.

By the time he was approaching 60, he was contemplating retirement.  He had an Air Force pension and a company pension, plus savings and investments but was unsure whether he could afford to retire.   He realised that he was about to make some big decisions and didn’t necessarily have all the information that he needed to make sure he got it right.  Encouraged by Mark’s helpful support and advice over many years he knew there was only one place to turn to for professional financial help.

How did FPC help?


Bernice, one of FPC’s partners, undertook a full review of Gareth and Sue’s position, projecting income and expenditure needs and helping them to set budgets for future spending.

FPC carried out a full evaluation of Gareth’s existing Air Force and company pensions and recommended and implemented an integrated investment strategy that supported the family’s plans.

As always pensions and estate planning go hand in hand so FPC went on to advise on trust planning for Gareth and Sue’s children and grand children.

The results

Gareth is now semi-retired, providing part time consulting advice to the Aerospace industry through his own company. He and Sue are enjoying their lives, without having to worry about the family’s future financial security. They enjoy a wide range of interests including painting, travelling, music, skiing and of course, looking after the grandkids. They meet up with the team at FPC on an annual basis to carry out a full review of their financial situation, to take stock of their investments and arrangements and make any adjustments as necessary.

In between reviews, FPC is in regular contact and Gareth is able to log on to FPC’s client portal to monitor the progress of his investments as and when required.  FPC’s regular email updates keep the couple updated on the latest developments in the financial world and they are able to meet other clients at FPC’s seminars and events.

The choices that face you at retirement are complex but it’s our job to help you understand and assess your options and translate it all into a plan that works for you. There are no off the shelf solutions. Part of our role is to share our knowledge and we welcome the fact that our clients view us as a member of their team so we are usually the first port of call when they have a query or problem.