How we help

At the heart of what we do is a simple goal – to help you achieve and maintain financial independence, provide for those who rely on you and live life well.  We do that by providing the financial planning and investment advice you need to secure your future.

Our integrated approach ensures that your unique personal circumstances and objectives are reflected in all we do. With specialist advice on pensions and retirement planning, investment planning, business exit and succession planning, estate planning, philanthropy and managing major changes such as bereavement or divorce, we can address all your concerns and work across generations within your family to preserve and protect all you have worked for.

Pensions & Retirement Planning

Enjoy rather than manage your retirement

Investment Planning

Secure your future and achieve financial independence

Business Exit & Succession Planning

Plan your journey and control your future

Estate Planning

Protect your legacy and those who rely on you


Make a difference in a way that works for you

Managing Change

Supporting you through divorce, bereavement and tough times

How we do it

What do you want to achieve – Getting to know you

Our first priority is to get to know you and understand what’s important to you.  We’ll ask about your family, your career or business, your interests and aspirations and your financial journey so far.  We need to know what keeps you awake at night but also what gets you out of bed in the morning.

We understand your financial planning journey is unique so your personal circumstances and objectives are reflected in all we do.

Where are you now (and where are you heading)?

To do this we’ll build an interactive lifetime cashflow model – your AIMS model – which gives you a visual representation of your world and helps you make informed decisions about the life you live, now and in the future.

The financial planning process in three simple steps


  • Your goals, aspirations and what matters to you
  • Your current financial position
  • Your family circumstances
  • Your business


  • Evaluate your current financial position and help you make decisions with confidence
  • Map out a plan to help you achieve your goals and implement that plan


  • Monitor progress
  • Regularly review and adjust as required
  • Keep you on track and one step ahead

Meet our clients

Jonathan & Julie

Jonathan & Julie

on peace of mind
Nick & Jayne

Nick & Jayne

on financial security


on life after law
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