Howard - FPC has played a vital support role throughout our journey. They are not just there for you but also for the people who mean a lot to you. Their understanding of us as a company and as individuals means that our financial planning is geared to the whole family.
FPC’s financial modelling is second to none. They bully you, in the nicest possible way, to encourage you to tell them everything about your finances. To really maximise your relationship you need to have the confidence to totally let them in.

Chas - When we were first introduced to FPC and had initial meetings, we were put under no pressure at all because of our ‘tender youth’ and time of life. FPC stayed alongside until the time was right to point us in the right direction taking into account the needs of our business and families. We were so immersed in the business and its daily demands, we needed that ’push’ to put things in place for our futures.

Their completely open, honest and rounded approach has meant we have not felt the need to look elsewhere to better the support and advice that FPC gives us.

Keen motor enthusiasts, Howard and Chas met in 1975 whilst they were students.  After college, Howard pursued a career in sales and Chas went into engineering.  In 1984 the pair decided to follow their shared passion and embark on a new business venture in the motor industry selling automotive parts.   Chester Exhaust Supplies (CES) was conceived in 1984 and quickly started to gain momentum.

In 1992 Howard and Chas were introduced to FPC at a seminar hosted by the company in Liverpool and at the tender age of 40 they decided the time was right to start to plan for their ultimate financial security.

By 2012 when Howard and Chas sold a majority stake in their business, the company’s turnover had grown to £50 million and they had a team of over 500 staff based at 20 sites.  It has continued to flourish as part of The UK Parts Alliance.

How did FPC help?


In the early years the focus was on the building blocks of pensions and tax planning working closely with the company’s accountants. Pensions planning extended to staff long before that was a mandatory requirement and support was given to the senior management team with their own financial planning.

Always keen to plan ahead Howard and Chas embraced FPC’s Lifetime Cashflow modelling and applied the same rigour to their personal planning as they did to their business making sure both were managed with professionalism and integrity.

Business succession and exit planning had always been the end game and when the time came to exit the business FPC was by their side, a second set of eyes and ears working alongside their legal and corporate finance advisers as part of an effective team.

Further investment and estate planning then followed, building on the solid financial backup which had already been established to provide a long term sustainable income to meet their lifestyle needs.


Our focus is on continuing to support both families with sound investment and estate planning advice, protecting the legacy everyone has worked hard to build whilst freeing them up to pursue new business interests and indulge their lifelong passions – cars, rallying and spending time with their families and friends.

Despite recessions, changes in tax, legislation and the inevitable challenges that go with running a significant business Howard and Chas achieved the financial independence they aspired to at the start of their relationship with FPC and were in the fortunate position of not needing to sell their business to secure that. The culture at CES was to always go the extra mile and say yes when others couldn’t. Those values are reflected in the ethos of FPC so it’s not surprising our relationship has flourished over the last 25 years and continues to go from strength to strength.

A good relationship takes effort and team work and we know that to build trust you have to earn it. That’s why we invest time helping new clients get to know us, understand what we do and why we do it. Howard and Chas took their planning seriously and have been fully engaged every step of the way. That’s the relationship we seek to develop with all clients.