FPC bothers to listen to find out what is important to you and what you want to achieve. Right from the start, FPC’s services were conducted with honesty and transparency and I felt confident in the knowledge that I could retire early and look forward to the next stage of my life, with the full support of a long term partner who was with me all of the way. There is always someone to call on if I have a question.

The client portal is particularly useful…and very reassuring. I can log into it as often as I want, from anywhere in the world, to check how my investments are performing.

Judith was a successful employment lawyer when she was first introduced to FPC. Previously, she had been sold a range of financial products, all operating in isolation with no regular review in place. Aspiring to retire before 55, Judith decided that a more strategic approach was required.

Judith’s initial discussions with a number of IFA’s all ended with a similar result. Rather than wanting to find out more about Judith and her plans for the future, they just wanted to sell her more products. A colleague who had been dealing with FPC on the sale of a family business suggested that she should contact them and a review of her objectives and current situation was undertaken.

How did FPC help?


FPC took a more holistic approach and helped Judith to develop an integrated retirement plan and built a solid investment backstop, geared to deliver future income.

A review of existing pension arrangements led over time to consolidation, cost savings and improvements in performance. A more appropriate risk profile was adopted across the board reflecting Judith’s personal attitudes and objectives.

With FPC's guidance, Judith was able to retire 5 years earlier than originally planned. She knows exactly how much she has to spend and can plan ahead with confidence as a result of FPC's invaluable lifetime cashflow modelling (AIMS) and access to the client portal allows Judith to see, at a glance, how her investments are performing.

Regular reviews keep her planning on track and in between reviews the FPC team are always on call.


Judith’s product led experience before she met FPC is sadly fairly typical. We take a different approach. From day one it’s all about you, what you want to achieve and how we are going to help you get there. Any ‘products’ are just tools in the tool box – we have to figure out what we are building first