The team at FPC is exceptional, from top to bottom but at the same time, there’s a real family feel to the business. I can’t think of any element of their service which has ever let them down.

Their AIMs modelling is a great exercise to go through and helps to put the whole planning process into context.

Overall I would say that the main benefit that we have achieved is the trusted nature of our relationship with FPC. We know that we can call on the team at FPC at any time and I can guarantee that they’ll always be responsive and genuinely interested. I never need to worry about managing our financial security and you can’t put a price on that!

Mark met the team at FPC when he attended one of their seminars in 2010 as a guest of his solicitor.  He had just sold a software business and was looking to invest some of the proceeds. With his children to support through further education and beyond he wanted to be sure all future needs were taken into account.

He’d had experience of other financial advisers in the past but didn’t feel comfortable enough to trust their judgement with the amount of money in question.  He knew he needed more and was looking for someone who could take a broader, more holistic approach.

Mark liked the sound of ‘The Financial Planning Corporation’.  The firm’s name conveyed an image of solidity to him.  He was looking for someone that he would trust enough to have a close relationship with,and he felt that continuity was paramount.  He didn’t want a situation where you met the ‘A’ team at the beginning and then never met them again.

How did FPC help?


Lifetime cashflow modelling is at the heart of any financial planning process – so as always we started by doing the numbers to set planning in context and spent time understanding what Mark and Gemma wanted to achieve. From the outset their priorities were clear – provide for each other and support their children, but they also had a clear vision of giving back so philanthropy was firmly on the agenda.

Advice on tax management, investment and pensions followed as we helped build a solid investment infrastructure to meet all future needs.

This went hand in hand with estate planning and calling on other specialists where necessary, we co-ordinated all planning, making sure family wealth was protected across the generations.

The journey continues...

Mark has now successfully exited from a subsequent business and although he chooses to continue to work parttime he has the confidence and financial freedom to pursue other interests and spend more time with the family, whilst continuing to get out into the Lancashire countryside on his beloved bike.

He and Gemma are also now able to turn their attention to supporting a range of causes that are close to their hearts and we remain at their side supporting their endeavours and the next generation as they begin their own financial planning journeys.

Continuity is paramount and Mark was right to look for that. At FPC each client has a dedicated adviser responsible for their relationship with the firm and a dedicated planner working alongside them to ensure their plans are put into action. All of this is supported by an experienced back office team who look after all of the administrative details. Being part of the FPC ‘family’ means you can call on our collective resources, contacts and experience at any time. We keep you up to date with relevant news and at regular events where you can meet other like-minded hard working folk who are interested in planning their future.