Stephen Caffrey

Financial Planner

“I enjoy the sense of satisfaction that I get when I help our clients to achieve their goals.”

Stephen’s interest in the financial services industry started when Alliance & Leicester (or Girobank as it was known then) asked the schools in his local area to create a concept for a business start-up together with a business plan.  To his surprise, Stephen’s company, Scouse House, won the competition and he was offered a place on Alliance & Leicester’s graduate programme.

After university Stephen entered the world of compliance and worked on various event driven investment projects throughout the UK including 4 years with Lloyds in Cardiff, 3 years with HSBC in Bristol and a year with Accenture in Newcastle.  He joined FPC in March 2017.

Stephen has the following professional qualifications:

  • Business Marketing Degree
  • Diploma in Financial Planning Level 4
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • CeMap
  • Chartered Diploma in Financial Planning Level 6 (3 exams remaining)

His main job responsibilities include looking after clients financial affairs and making sure that they employ the best solutions to meet their objectives.

Outside work Stephen enjoys Saturday league football, going to the gym, badminton, CrossFit, darts, attending gigs, Espresso Martinis and is on a continuous quest to find the world’s best curry.