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Our first priority is to get to know you and understand what’s important to you. We’ll ask about your family, your career or business, your interests and aspirations and your journey so far.  We need to know what keeps you awake at night but also what gets you out of bed in the morning!

We’ll build an interactive lifetime cashflow model – your ‘AIMS’ model  – which gives you a visual representation of your world and everything in it.  Under the bonnet there are lots of moving parts that enable you to play ‘What if?’ and then make decisions in context.

So we can show you:

What you need to get for your business, if you’re selling

How long you need to keep working, and what you need to earn

What you need to invest to secure your future

How generous you can afford to be with yourself and others

We’ll explore different scenarios based on what’s relevant to you.  Then we’ll map out what needs to happen for you to achieve your goals and what you can do to improve and protect your position.