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This month we welcomed FPC friend and former independent economic consultant Peter Stanyer to FPC’s offices to record an exclusive interview about his new book which he has co-authored for the Economist with Stephen Satchell and Masood Javaid.

Back in 2010, FPC had the great good fortune, of being introduced to Peter Stanyer by Elroy Dimson, Professor of Finance at Cambridge and London Business School. We had approached him to ask us to recommend an independent expert to audit our investment process and he recommended Peter.

Peter went on to work with FPC as our independent investment economic consultant for over 10 years before helping us appoint his successors Tricio Economic consultants when he began his work on his new book, How to Invest – Navigating the brave new world of personal investment.

Peter Stanyer Podcast

“The first quarter of the new century has seen developments in technology, monetary policy and the management of large companies that have transformed personal savings and investment around the world.

“Love it, loathe it, or just not interested in it, this innovation has changed not only the nature of money, but our understanding of what it means to invest – whether we want to safeguard our pensions, experiment with personal trading platforms or simply understand how the markets really work.

“How to Invest aims to help investors navigate this new world, offering a principles-based, keep-it-simple approach to help them make investment decisions and have investment conversations that will make the most of their money.”

The webinar will be available shortly so watch this space but in the meantime if you would like a complimentary copy of Peters book please email

 Risk warning / disclaimer:

 The book discusses how to invest. It does not give advice on which investments would suit a particular investor.  For such advice, investors should seek the services of a qualified professional. The authors, the publisher and The Economist cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred as a result of specific investments or wealth planning decisions made by the reader.

You can find the book here: How to invest or it is available on Amazon in audio, kindle and paperback editions.