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“Always look for the substance in any investment proposal” Wise words from Peter Stanyer, respected author, independent economic consultant, and FPC friend.

We recently conducted an exclusive interview with Peter Stanyer to discuss his new book, co-authored with Economists Stephen Satchell and Masood Javaid, How to Invest – Navigating the brave new world of personal investment; an insightful guide on how to successfully invest to secure the best possible returns.

Among other topics, Peter Stanyer examines Government bonds, the stock market, technology, and investor behaviour. He provides useful anecdotes on how to utilise ‘bad times’ so that your investments remain safe and of value, as well as examining why investors should seek the input of an adviser.

If you’d like to view the interview series, please follow the link.

We will also be publishing the interviews throughout November on our LinkedIn page, which you can follow here.