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This month our recently appointed Investment Director, Mike Lea sheds some light on the crucial role that our internal Investment Committee (IC) plays in protecting our clients’ interests.

Most of our clients are aware of the significant work that goes into assisting them in meeting their financial goals. The delivery of our core financial planning and investment management support is typically most visible during our direct client interactions, but what is going on behind the scenes in support of our investment process is equally important.

Our Investment Committee (IC) is integral to our overall proposition. In addition to our partners, Moira, Mark and Bernice, Harry Baines, who has extensive governance experience within the industry, occupies the role of Chairman, adding his input and ensuring the set agenda is followed. Peter Stanyer, our thought provoking Independent Economic Consultant, is another key participant, updating us on financial market trends and the impact on our long-term investment assumptions. The committee also includes a dedicated member of our planning team, Will Carter, who provides investment data, analysis and administrative support to the committee.

Our IC in July was my inaugural meeting as recently appointed Investment Director at FPC.  My role is to oversee and implement the practical application of our investment process as determined by the decisions made by the IC.

The IC meets quarterly to discuss ongoing developments relating to:

  • Economic themes
  • Real asset class investment performance v theoretical expectations
  • Development of our investment framework
  • Due diligence
  • Evolving regulatory requirements
  • Client feedback/communications

At our latest meeting an area of key focus was a significant investment in additional resources to enhance the level of direct due diligence of fund managers on our approved panel.

Partnering with independent research analysts, Square Mile Consulting, this additional resource will complement the risk/return data we already utilise from other independent sources. This level of direct scrutiny is not commonplace in our market but will, we believe, offer added value to our clients.

At FPC we place high importance on managing investment expectations. Selecting investment funds that deliver the outcome they say they will, is more important to us than those funds that outperform expectations one year, only to underperform the next. Unexpected positive and negative performance should be scrutinised to the same degree, as we believe the best return is the one you are expecting. If we can increase the probability of this occurring, then all the better.

FPC’s investment process is well established and the principles we adopt are evidence based, tried and tested, but the technology and support services in our sector are evolving and we will continue to evolve too as we do all we can to ensure you continue to invest with confidence.

We’ll be keeping you updated on investment sector developments on an ongoing basis. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.