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The feedback from our clients and partners who attended our joint webinar series with our colleagues at Brabners has been overwhelmingly positive, with the general consensus being that the sessions proved to be both informative and thought provoking.

Here’s what a few of our attendees had to say:

“A really easy listen and some very useful take away advice. I’ve definitely got some sorting out to do, so it’s made me bring that up the to do list.”

“Very interesting and raised a few questions for me.”

“Glad I made the effort to look in, as you inevitably find issues that strike a chord.”

The webinars were open to both our clients and professional partners.  We encouraged our clients to attend as we thought even if your planning is in good shape, they may act as a reminder about other matters which need to be addressed, or at least provide some reassurance that you’ve got things covered. For our professional partners, the webinars provided a great insight into how we work collaboratively to add value and improve your client relationships.

If you missed them though, don’t worry! Here’s a quick recap and a chance to view them again:

What was covered?

During the webinar series, Managing Partner of FPC, Moira O’Shaughnessy was joined by Duncan Bailey (Head of Private Client) and Helen Marriott (Head of Family) as they explored the financial planning, estate planning and asset protection concerns which go hand in hand with managing wealth across generations in a typical family (click to view family tree).  We looked at:

  • How to make major financial decisions with confidence
  • The building blocks of good estate planning and asset protection
  • How to avoid family conflict (around intergenerational wealth transfers)
  • What the future may hold post COVID-19

Session 1

We introduced grandparents, Thomas and Sarah as they contemplated downsizing to move near their daughter, Claire and how to help their son get back on his feet after a divorce, whilst supporting their grandchildren with education costs.

Session 2

We looked at the implications of Claire and her husband selling their business and how they might want to approach helping their own children get on the housing ladder.

Session 3

We focused on John as he gets his life back on track following his divorce and for the next generation, we considered the building blocks which should be in place as they set out on their own financial planning journeys.  We also looked ahead to consider the changes that may be on the horizon which could affect your planning.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions after watching the sessions.